Meet the Curator

Hello from the Curator.

In 2001 I came to this city to work as an archaeologist and I have been enthralled by it ever since. Kilkenny people are very aware, and rightly proud of their heritage and enjoy it to the full. Since opening the doors of the Medieval Mile Museum in February of this year, we have had the privilege of welcoming tens of thousands of people from near and far; some of my most gratifying days in the museum have been as a guide, sharing medieval Kilkenny’s many stories. Families and groups from the local area, from the rest of Ireland and all over the world have chosen to spend time with us and their feedback has been amazing.

We recently launched our new exhibition – Unearthed. This is a collection of previously unseen artefacts recovered during recent archaeological excavations within the church and graveyard. There are coins, jewellery pieces and other personal items as well as fittings from the church, such as decorated wall tiles and pieces of stained glass. Kindly on loan from the National Museum of Ireland, each of these objects has a story to bring us closer to the community that used St Mary’s church throughout its 800-year history.

I look forward to continue developing our Medieval Mile Museum and working with my colleagues in the Kilkenny Civic Trust team to Preserve, Enhance and Promote Kilkenny’s unique heritage.


Grace Fegan